More than sensors+automation

Corporate Guidelines


We view our customers as partners - our customers can trust that our performance will meet or exceed their expectations.


Our corporate culture is the basis for our success - we foster an environment of trust, responsibility and creativity that encourages employees to go above and beyond for the benefit of our customers.


We design, produce and market a comprehensive, innovative spectrum of products - as a leader in industrial sensors and measurement & control instruments, we constantly seek opportunities to engineer and apply new technologies.


We deliver superior quality and professional service - we listen to our customers and partner with suppliers and employees in a continuous improvement process.


We are a privately held company - our worldwide operations and efficient decision-making processes are an advantage to our customers and employees.

Environment / Work safety

We are conscious of our responsibility towards our employees and the environment - workplace safety and responsible use of raw materials and energy have a high priority.


We continuously invest in our company - our goal is to ensure that we remain a strong, independent partner to our customers.