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JUMO HEATtemp – Temperature Probe Pairs with Different Probe Versions (902401)


  • For temperatures from 0 to 150 °C
  • Combination of different probe versions from all known JUMO type examination certificates into one pair
  • Probe pairs with different cable lengths
  • Suitable for compact heat meters
  • Fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 1434, AGFW 202, and FW211
  • Production according to module D (MID)
  • Coordinated accessories for installation (data and price sheets 902440 and 902442)

Customer benefits

  • No need for connecting cables (different cable lengths)
  • Individual adaptation of further probe characteristics in relation to the installation situation
  • Avoidance of faulty installations
  • No need for a nameplate despite consistent information content


Interchangeable and conformity-assessed temperature probe pairs for heat meters are always designed symmetrically. All design features such as the sleeve diameter or the length of the connecting cable are identical. The installation situations for the flow and return flow probes of a pair can, however, differ greatly in the field. As a rule, a connection cable with a length of no more than 0.5 m is required for the return flow probe, but considerably more for the flow probe. By pairing different probe versions, JUMO can adapt temperature probe pairs for compact heat meters to the individual installation situations of the meter. Here, for example, the length of the connection cable in the return flow that is not required is avoided. The JUMO type examination certificates can be used from all versions of the existing portfolio. Such a solution can also systematically prevent installation errors.


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