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JUMO tecLine TC – the new sensor for total chlorine – provides safe and reliable measurements

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JUMO tecLine TC – the new sensor for total chlorine – provides safe and reliable measurements

The new JUMO tecLine TC total chlorine sensor is a measuring system by JUMO that is membrane-covered, amperometric, and that has three electrodes. It records free chlorine from inorganic chlorination products (e.g. chlorine gas, hypochlorites, etc.) and combined chlorine (e.g. chloramines). Typical applications include monitoring of swimming pools and drinking water.

According to DIN EN ISO 7393-2, total chlorine is the sum of free and combined chlorine. Free chlorine has a wanted effect because it disinfects water.

Combined chlorine comes in the form of chloramines that are produced as an unwanted byproduct when water is disinfected with chlorine. They are formed when chlorine reacts with impurities in the water that contain nitrogen (e.g. urea or amino acids). Chloramines produce the typical swimming pool odor and cause skin/eye irritations. As a result, a limit value has been set: DIN 19643-2 assigns an upper limit of 0.2 mg/l for combined chlorine.

JUMO offers the new JUMO tecLine TC sensor for monitoring this limit. The sensor is especially designed to determine total chlorine concentration in aqueous solutions (the amount of combined chlorine is calculated from the difference between the total amount of chlorine and the amount of free chlorine).

The integrated electronics allow a temperature-compensated current signal of 4 to 20 mA to be available. A downstream device (indicator, controller, recorder, PLC, etc.) is used for calibration.

The proven display/control devices JUMO dTRANS AS 02 (type 202553) and JUMO AQUIS 500 AS (type 202568) are especially suited for the combination with this sensor. They provide the voltage required for the supply of the sensor and allow for easy calibration of the measuring system.