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JUMO digiLine

Intelligent, bus-capable connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis

With JUMO digiLine, JUMO presents a bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis which also offers Plug and Play functionality. JUMO digiLine enables simple construction of sensor networks in which sensors are connected to each other in a star or tree structure. A single shared signal line is used for communication with the next evaluation unit or controller. This way plants in which several parameters need to be measured at the same time in different places can be wired efficiently and quickly.


Measure various liquid analysis measurands with just one system

  • Measurands: pH value, temperature, redox potential, conductivity, oxygen concentration, turbidity, disinfection measurands
  • For industrial applications in the process, food, pharmaceutical, and water industry
  • Fail-safe digital data transfer for optimal process monitoring
  • Modular system: for both individual measuring points and for setting up sensor networks
  • Plug and Play function for connection to transmitters from the JUMO AQUIS touch series: facilitates the replacement of used sensors or the brief exchange of sensors for calibration purposes
  • Sensors can also be connected to the JUMO mTRON T automation system.
  • The digiLine electronics can still be used when the sensor becomes worn
  • Simple and reliable calibration of sensors as well as comprehensive measuring point management:
    convenient on a PC with the JUMO DSM (digital sensor management) software tool
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Reduction of installation and maintenance times

JUMO digiLine sensors stand out thanks to the following features*:

  • Specifications and measuring point information (TAG no. etc.) stored in the sensor enable clear identification and assignment of an electrode
  • Configuration, parameterization, and calibration data can be called up directly from the sensor even once  the transmitter has been replaced
  • A calibration logbook provides an overview of the previous calibration history
  • A calibration timer automatically issues a reminder on the digiLine master device for calibrations that are due 
  • Counters for autoclave, SIP, and CIP cycles enable conclusions to be drawn regarding the previous stresses on the sensor due to cleaning and disinfection routines
  • pH and redox electrodes also feature extended condition monitoring – process conditions are also assessed here to evaluate sensor loading

* The scope of functions implemented in a JUMO digiLine sensor and the individually stored data depend on the measurand and the sensor type. Details can be found in the data sheet of the relevant sensor.

JUMO digiLine CR and JUMO digiLine Ci
Digital sensor technology for conductive and inductive conductivity measurement

With JUMO digiLine CR and JUMO digiLine Ci JUMO is expanding the intelligent, bus-compatible JUMO digiLine system to include inductive and conductive measurement of electrolytic conductivity.
The smart sensors are available in compact and separate design type. In the separate design type the smart electronic components and sensor are connected via a line. As a result, problematic installation situations can also be mastered (e.g. in all locations in which heat emission and vibration occurs). In addition to the JUMO digiLine interface, system integration can now also take place via an IO-Link interface.

JUMO digiLine on the Hannover Fair 2016

MessTec & Sensors Masters Award

The trade journal "messtec drives Automation" annually hands out the MessTec & Sensor Masters Award for particularly innovative developments in measurement and sensor technology.
In 2016, the JUMO digiLine system was awarded the prestigious prize. The winners are determined in a multistage process. First, the readers of the trade journal make an initial selection from among all nominated products. At the trade fair MessTec & Sensor Masters the devices are once again presented and the trade fair visitors vote one more time.

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