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Level and Temperature Probe for Utility Vehicles as Well as Construction and Agricultural Machinery (902880)


  • For temperatures from -40 to +140 °C
  • As level or combined level and temperature probe
  • Connecting cable: cross-linked polyester
  • Installation position: standing or suspended
  • Measuring path of 50 mm or 62 mm


  • For level and temperature monitoring of engine and transmission oils
  • For supporting vehicle diagnosis of modern utility vehicles as well as construction and agricultural machinery


For optimum engine or transmission operation, several parameters must be continuously monitored and corrected in the event of deviations. The oil level and the oil temperature are two of these parameters.
The combined level and temperature probe supports the vehicle diagnosis of modern utility vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. This level probe, which operates according to the hot-wire principle, makes it possible to determine the filling level of transmission or engine oil for a measuring path of up to 100 mm. Only filling level monitoring will ensure that the engine does not operate with excessive or insufficient oil. This helps prevent damage to the engine.

As an option, the level probe can also be provided with an additional temperature output. A Pt1000 temperature sensor according to DIN EN 60751, class B, is used in a two-wire circuit as standard. Versions with Pt100 or Pt500 temperature sensors as well as NTC and semi-conductor sensors are also available.
The voltage signal transmitted by the hot-wire and the resistance signal from the temperature sensor are transmitted separately to the vehicle electronics for evaluation.
Depending on the customer requirements, the case can be made of stainless steel, steel, or heavy-duty plastic.
The level and temperature probe is designed for a temperature range from -40 to +140 °C in permanent operation.

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