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JUMO tecLine CR – Conductive Two-Electrode Conductivity Sensor (202924)


  • Two-electrode principle
  • For measuring ranges from 0.05 µS/cm to 1 mS/cm
  • Large selection of process connections
  • Versions that meet pharmaceutical requirements available with certificate
  • Shaft diameter only 16 mm (for 202924/20-... version)


  • Pure and ultra-pure water field
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical
  • Food technology
  • Chip manufacturing
  • Ion exchange plants
  • Reverse osmosis plants


Conductivity sensors are used in conjunction with conductivity transmitters to define the electrolytic conductivity in liquids. The materials in the sensors are physiologically harmless and meet FDA requirements.
JUMO conductivity sensors of the type series 202924/10-... and 202924/20-... can be used in such fields as: pure and ultra-pure water, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food technology, chip manufacture, ion exchanger plants, and reverse osmosis plants.
Upon request, conductivity measuring cells that conform to the pharmaceutical industry are supplied with a surface roughness of <0.8 µ. A factory test certificate according to EN10 204-3.1 is added as a standard certificate. Each electrode is packed in foil.
A special conductivity sensor is available for high temperature applications. This sensor can be used for medium temperatures of up to 200 °C and a maximum pressure of 17 bar.

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Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
202990/09-00-25-00 price on request
202990/09-00-50-00 price on request
PEKA Varivent DN 40-125 APZ 3.1 Ra<0,8 (PG 209791) price on request
PEKA Aseptik DN 50 APZ 3.1 Ra<0,8 (PG 209791) Flange price on request
PEKA Aseptik DN 40 APZ 3.1 Ra<0,8 (PG 209791) Flange price on request
PEKA Clamp DN 50 Clamp APZ 3.1 Ra<0,8 (PG 209791) price on request
PEKA Clamp DN 40 Abnahmeprüfzeugnis 3.1 Ra<0,8; Flange price on request
PEKA Aseptik-NKS DN 40 APZ 3.1 Ra<0,8 (PG 209791) Flange price on request
Wartung Analysenmesstechnik price on request

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