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JUMO Wtrans p - Pressure Transmitter with Wireless Data Transmission (402060)


  • For stationary and mobile measurements
  • 0 to 250 mbar – 0 to 600 bar (relative pressure)
  • 0 to 600 mbar – 0 to 25 bar (absolute pressure)
  • Radio frequency 868.4 MHz
  • Open air range up to 300 m
  • Wiring expenses are eliminated with modern wireless technology
  • Fail-safe transmission with telegram coding
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Configurable with easy-to-use PC setup program
  • Optionally available in combination: analog output, serial interface, and relay contact with associated mounting rail receiver
  • Configurable transmission interval (0.5 to 3600 s)
  • Configurable transmitter detection
  • Customer-specific linearization (40 value pairs or 4th order polynomial)
  • OnlineChart function for recording of measured values directly on the PC

Customer benefits

  • Process reliability
    The sensors have a high level of overload protection and long-term stability. The full final inspection in the completely-automated measuring and calibration facility ensures that each pressure transmitter is of high quality.
  • Time-saving, simple, and versatile
    The pressure transmitter is configured by connecting a laptop with the easy-to-use setup program installed (connection with standard mini USB cable). Once the process parameters are determined they can be conveniently and reliably transferred to other devices. Regardless of whether the device is used on stationary plants, in locations that are difficult to access, mobile systems, or even on moving and rotating components, the JUMO Wtrans p reduces mounting and installation effort in the concept phase or retrofitting. It also negates the need for a cable, which is especially important when cable laying is not possible or is technically complicated.
  • Always application-oriented
    Special applications can be integrated with up to 40 pairs of values by using customer-specific linearization. Here, the customer can choose to make a linear approximation or to have a fourth order polynomial function calculated as a specific characteristic line. Alternatively, the polynomial function can be implemented by directly entering a parameter.


  • Replacement for cables when cable laying is technically challenging or too costly
  • For spatial mobility: for use with moving, rotating, traveling, and non-fixed plant components
  • For unrestricted flexibility (e.g. for temporary measurements) whereby time-intensive mounting and installation is not required
  • For hygienic processes


The pressure transmitter with wireless data transmission Wtrans p is intended for industrial applications. It is used in conjunction with a Wtrans receiver for the stationary or mobile
detection of the pressure in liquid or gaseous media. The pressure transmitter operates according to the strain gauge measuring principle.

The measured values are transmitted wirelessly to the receiver of the Wtrans system. The measured values are displayed on the receiver and are available at the RS485 interface in digital form as well as in electrical standard signals at the analog outputs. Optionally, different alarms can be signaled at the receiver with two relay outputs.
The pressure transmitter can be installed in any installation position. Optimum alignment with the receiver must be ensured. The ambient temperature range in which the device can be used is from -30 to +85 °C.

The radio frequency of the Wtrans measuring system is 868.4 MHz (Europe). This frequency is largely impervious to external interference and allows data to be transmitted even in harsh industrial environments. If the holder for wall mounting the antenna is used with a 3 meter antenna cable on the receiver side, the range in free field is up to 300 m. A 3.6 V lithium battery (size C) is used as the voltage supply for the pressure transmitter.

A setup program is available as an accessory for easy configuration and parameterization of the pressure transmitter and the Wtrans receiver on the laptop/PC. As an optional extra, the OnlineChart function can be used to record the measured values on the laptop/PC.


Additional transmitters for temperature and voltage• Data sheet 902930
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Suitable Wtrans receiver
• Data sheet 902931



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Setup-Program Wtrans

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Setup program Wtrans inkl OnlineChart

Download  216.exe (30 days Test Version)  (61.8 MB)

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