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JUMO dicoTEMP 800 - Dial Thermometer with Microswitch (608530)


  • Low mounting depth
  • Class 1.5
  • Display range -50 to +500 °C
  • Temperature controller with actual value display as panel mounting device in a stainless steel case
  • 1 microswitch
  • Stainless steel housing Ø 80 mm (standard)

Customer benefits

  • For universal application
  • Simple setpoint value adjustment
  • Autonomous control without requiring additional power supply
  • High process reliability
  • Low mounting depth



  • Temperature control in fryers
  • Temperature control in industrial applications


Dial thermometers with microswitch are universal devices with actual value display for temperature measurement, control, and monitoring. The devices have a temperature controller with actual value display and are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel. They are characterized by an especially low mounting depth and a display range of -50 to +500 °C. The temperature-dependent volume change of the measuring system filled with liquid or the temperature-dependent pressure change of the measuring system filled with gas is converted to a rotational movement of the actual value indicator by a bourdon tube without requiring transmission gearing. The microswitch is actuated by the rotational movement of the indicator shaft via a tap system.

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