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JUMO FOODtemp Insertion Thermocouple (901350)


  • For temperatures between -100 to +260 °C
  • Steam-tight
  • High mechanical strength
  • For use in the food industry
  • Available with multiple measuring points


  • Preferred choice for cooking, boiling, and baking processes in all areas of food processing and food preservation.


Due to their special construction these robust, steam-tight insertion thermocouples are especially suited to cooking, boiling, and baking processes in all food processing and food preservation applications.
The stainless steel probe tube is available with a concentric or oblique probe tip.
All versions have a highly vibration-resistant design. The handle is oil-resistant and acid-proof. The measurement insert is equipped with thermal pairs NiCr-Ni according to DIN EN 60584, class 1.

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