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Compact solution for calibrating industrial furnaces

JUMO thermoCOR Supports Compliance with AMS2750 and CQI-9 Standards

The "AMS2750" and "CQI-9" standards describe the requirements of the aerospace industry and automotive industry regarding thermal process devices used in heat treatment. The JUMO thermoCOR measuring system offers a compact system for both requirements that can be used to perform the required SAT and TUS tests.


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The key component is a high-precision cold junction. The JUMO thermoCOR has an overall capacity of up to 12 freely configurable thermocouple inputs and four configurable universal inputs to which such devices as RTD temperature probes or pressure transmitters can be connected.

The test equipment is calibrated by JUMO in its own DAkkS laboratory and meets the tolerance limit requirements according to the AMS2750 and CQI-9 standards.

The touch display enables easy handling with variable process screens. A master and user management system enables all activities to be easily understandable and all measured values to be acquired so that they are tamper-proof. The data is transmitted via LAN or USB interface through the JUMO PCC communication software to the JUMO PCA evaluation software. A protocol can then be prepared after testing.

Interested parties can either purchase JUMO thermoCOR in full and perform all the tests independently or commission JUMO to carry out the tests. In this case, the Service department performs all the tasks for the customer up to and including the preparation of test protocols. Furthermore, JUMO also plans all necessary recalibrations so that no deadlines are forgotten.

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