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SPE and IO-Link: JUMO as a Solution Provider with the Best of Both Worlds for the Customer

As a reliable partner on the path to digital transformation JUMO is increasingly positioning itself as a system and solution provider for sensor technology and automation – with smart sensor technology and high-performance automation systems that can be operated intuitively.


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"Depending on the industry and industrial application, JUMO offers efficient products and solutions at the most diverse levels of the automation pyramid," emphasizes Christoph Trott, Head of Product Management at JUMO. A sensor connection is possible both on the basis of IO-Link and via Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

"IO-Link is established as an industrially suitable communication system which has proven simplicity and robustness in operation time and time again," states Trott. He cites the ease of replacing failed or damaged IO-Link sensors as 2 key benefits of IO-Link. This can reduce both downtimes and maintenance costs. Fieldbus independence is ensured by using an IO-Link master with multi-protocol capability.

"By offering new solutions from both technology areas, we are demonstrating that we do not see SPE as a competitor to IO-Link, but rather as a useful addition," says Trott.

Continuous communication down to the field level

SPE is currently gaining importance and proving its suitability for use in industrial applications. JUMO has therefore integrated the innovative SPE technology based on 10BASE-T1L into 3 new sensor solutions:

  • JUMO hydroTRANS S20 (temperature, humidity, CO2 transmitter)
  • JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 (flow transmitter)
  • JUMO DELOS S02 (pressure transmitter)

Single Pair Ethernet makes complex installations a thing of the past. After all, the new SPE sensors enable Ethernet networking down to the field level, thereby initiating effective communication in all stages of the automation pyramid – right up to direct connection to the JUMO Cloud. Trott sees end-to-end communication without media discontinuity as a key advantage of SPE.

Single Pair Ethernet decreases the cabling effort by reducing it to only one wire pair. This wire pair is used as the energy supply of the sensors using Power over Data Line (PoDL) and a fast digital transmission of the precise sensor values over cable distances of up to 1000 meters.

"We want to give our customers a decision-making basis for their individual application, to show them the best of both worlds," Trott adds.

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