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Pressure monitoring

The pressure inside the tank must be permanently monitored, as the liquefaction process of propane gas (LPG) is highly dependent on it and evaporation of the gas can have catastrophic consequences. With liquefied natural gas (LNG) the temperature is extremely low. Thus, the medium must be heated to -40 °C via evaporation lines for the pressure transmitter to monitor the internal tank pressure. The JUMO dTRANS p20 can handle these measuring tasks.

Process data
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) pressure 10 to 20 bar at room temperature
liquefied natural gas (LNG) pressure max. 230 mbar at -161 to -164 °C

Our components for pressure monitoring

Pressure measurement in liquid gas tanks

Optimal solution for LPG and LNG tanks

The JUMO dTRANS p20 is the optimum solution for equipping liquid gas tanks. The pressure transmitter can handle both the pressure of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and the extremely low temperatures in the liquefied natural gas tank. It also has the necessary approvals for maritime Ex applications.

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