SAT and TUS test

SAT- and TUS-Test

With the JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700, we offer a portable measuring system that allows system operators to carry out regular SAT and TUS tests independently with the usual accuracy. The mobile field tester provides high-precision documentation and is equipped with 12 analog inputs for thermocouples. By using a specially developed integrated cold junction, the JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 in a carrying case fulfills the accuracy requirements stipulatetd in the AMS2750 and CQI-9 standards.

For the reliable execution of the SAT and TUS test

Certified safety for your chamber furnace

Our solution complies with the AMS2750 and CQI-9 standards

Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT) are essential in heat treatment systems. They enable the detection of hot and cold points in firing chambers. This ensures repeatability in the production process, enables binding customer requirements to be met, and reduces the number of complaints. The TUS test also helps with preventative maintenance. Our portable JUMO thermoCOR measuring system helps you to carry out the tests independently. The device complies with the AMS2750 and CQI-9 accuracy requirements.

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