Chlorination is the most commonly used method for water disinfection. This treatment serves primarily to kill or reduce the microorganisms within the water (bacteria, viruses, etc.). This process can also be called sterilization. Liquid analysis technology from JUMO is used for the right amount of chlorine.

Our solution for disinfection

Balance during disinfection

During the disinfection of swimming pool water the usual procedure is to prepare a chlorine gas or hypochlorite solution in water and to then add this to the water to be treated. The aim here is that as few undesirable byproducts form as possible. To a certain extent, this can be controlled by the conditions (amount of chlorine, temperature, pH value). This is ensured by our solution using precise measurement and control of the chlorine content, thereby guaranteeing that the optimum amount of chlorine is added when the water is disinfected.